Jan 4, 2011 continued---Pizza night---a slight deviation

Ok, to be honest, the fail was in regards to having pizza!  I have an admission that I am a moderate planner/grocery shopper.  I try to plan and grocery shop efficiently, but sometimes I slip up.  Tonight, wasn't an exception.  Yeah for giving myself grace, because I was truly geared to making pizza and using two of my pieces of cookery.

Instead, tonight we had enchiladas.

Que delicioso!  I pulled out three different beasts from the depths that I don't normally pull out:  1) a device highly-infomercialized in the 90's called the Turbo Cooker (which is basically a wok with a flat bottom and a domed, steam-vented lid), 2) my Cuisinart Food Processor, and 3) my new Seal-a-meal.  So, instead of the turbo cooker you could just use a stock pot (it needs to be deep), instead of the foot processor....a knife  (or shredder),and  instead of the Seal-a-meal you could simply use a plastic baggy.

I modified a version of a diet recipe I found once for the enchiladas.  We also had broccoli (fresh-->boiled), tortillas and black-bean dip while the children had quesadillas.  I'm s t u f f e d but happy to play with gadgets:)

Victory, day number 4.


Jan 4, 2011 continued---Pizza night

I'm going to make pizza tonight.  Now pizza for me and the fam has generally included take-out Pizza Hut (super-buttery pan crust....definitely on the "not that" list), take 'n' bake from Papa Murphy's, or my favorite (though a little farther down the road) a pizza from Papa John's.  Any flavor.

Tonight will be a thin crust pizza with a 10 minute pizza dough recipe (for those fearful of making your own...or using yeast),

And I will find my pizza pan (that I think is kind of awesome).  It's kind of like this one, but mine is black....and 10 years old.  I find that the air holes make for a crispier crust without having to burn the tar out of it.  I might also try a stone that I picked up somewhere...it's kind of like this one, but I definitely know I paid more then that....unfortunately, but such is life.

Maybe this will make my family think they are in a pizzeria? Well, here's hoping.


For those interested: 

10 Minute Pizza Dough Recipe

Jan 4, 2011---It's Unrealistic and the privileged life

So, technically I didn't eat out yesterday, but I did grab a coke from the gas station (coke really equals ddp).   One of my good friends was with me...and she basically said I was crazy.  Yes, I probably am crazy, but really for other reasons;)  It got me to think about what a privileged life I live if my "project" is how not to eat out.  What a calamity, really!  Numerous people worry about if they having any food to eat or clean water to drink and here I am worrying about how I can maintain self-control not to eat out for a year.

As for it being unrealistic, well perhaps, but it is a goal, and something to worry my pretty head about:)  That being said, I'm human and part of a family that views eating out as a chance to socialize and catch up on our lives.....if only my whole fam liked my cooking;)