Jan 18, 2011---I wanna use my donut pan!!!

Ok, I have a funny dilemma (not should I tell my best-friend that her husband is cheating on her kind of dilemma, but rather a small-scale, suburbanite, Mrs. Cleaver-wannabe kind of dilemma).

This is what I got for Christmas: 


I love apple cider donuts from the local cider mill.  Does anybody know of a good apple cake recipe?  I'm thinking I can use that and figure out a way to get my donut sugar-coated! 

Please and thank you!!!


Jan 18, 2011---Winnie the Pooh Day (or now we are [on day] 18)

I've been avoiding fast-food rows. 

We have a few roads in town (mostly the main streets) that are simply laden with restaurants.  I read somewhere that our county has the third-highest amount of disposable income in the nation, so of course restauranteurs want to give you many, many choices.  That being said, I've seen a ton of restaurants go under lately.  And that being said, I still see many opportunities for me to blow it.

That and I feel like I've sent the women's movement back to 1895, to a day with no microwaves, and where food is on the table with a smile when the breadwinner comes home. 

I've changed how I derive my menu this week.  Have you ever looked for recipes from Kraft (please note that I'm not affiliated with Kraft at all)?  I've found a few things (that I alter mostly to suit my/my fam's needs).  This week I pulled recipes from their healthy living category. 

Tonight, we shall be dining on Zesty Shrimp (slightly modified). 

Maybe I'll put on some heels and pearls just to mess with my head some more.