Feb 13, 2011---Time to make the...Bagels

What else to do on a day off from school? 

Bake a little?  Of course!

I made these more into the "mini-bagel" size, which proabably is more of a real serving. 

BTW, don't feel prompted to eat these straight out of the oven.  As my mouth can attest, burned tissue isn't pleasant.

For those of my fans wondering....I used a bread machine recipe and ....my bread machine.  For this recipe, you make the dough, then you take the dough, manipulate it into little baby bagels, let them rise 10 more, boil the little suckers for 3 mins, glaze them with egg (add topping if desired), and bake 'em for 20-25 more.  Not bad. 

Try it Mikey, you'll like it!