Jan 19, 2011---Happy Popcorn Day (and other things that smell bad when burnt)

Happy popcorn day.  I was going to try to incorporate popcorn into my dinner, but I suppose I'm not that avant garde.  I have a great imagination, and I suppose I could be inspired by a form Top Chef, however I think I'm just fine with keeping popcorn as a snack.  I could be proved wrong, but it might take a bit.  Instead, I'll just overcook the corn tonight so it smells like popcorn.

I've altered my menu for tonight because I want crock-pot chicken pot pie (that's a lot of pot---see notes below on "how to be ghetto-fabulous").  Only thing is I'll have to make biscuits right before dinner (HA!) which maybe I'll put my dear children to work.  Ok, it will be fine.

On other news, our household has become ghetto-fabulous.  Remember when the old console t.v. was broken, so you just put the new one on top of the old?  Well, welcome to my kitchen, except we now have a microwave....3 feet from the broken one.  Long story short, we had a microwave on our counter in our old home, lent it to someone, it was returned, so we still had it in our basement.  I don't care at the moment, because I made oatmeal in one bowl this morning, so I'm happy. 

Wondermom (with gold chains around her neck)