Jan 3, 2011---Living with Me

Do you remember the food-a-rack-a-cycle from The Jetsons?  Producing food, as ordered, it was similar to a machine on Star Trek.  Unfortunately, I own neither machine.  I do own a car and I do use it to drive to restaurants.  And even more unfortunately for me is the proximity and quantity of restaurants to my humble abode.  So, technically I started this quest before New Year's, so it isn't exactly a resolution (although I'm pretty resolute about how I'm going to accomplish it), but my grandiose idea of publicly displaying my attempts at making palate-pleasing food came to me in my sleep last night.  Why not?  Surely there is someone out there who struggles as I have with balancing the whole food-to-table issue...and perhaps I will help....said person.   So wish me luck on my quest, as I will need that...as it is whole lot easier to slip back into my bad, bad habits!

Check out my menu calendar!

Wondermom (btw...my nom de plume is not me declaring that I'm Supermom, or some relative...however my amazement that I'm a mom....to THREE children (plus animals...if you're into that).  I never quite imagined myself with three, but here I am!)