Feb 18, 2011---Giving up pop and other triumphs

I have drank pop for the longest time.  I remember in college drinking my Dr. Pepper between classes in the basement of an almost-parking garage.  I remember working and having my can of Diet Dr. Pepper to my side.  I even remember pleading with my doctor while I was pregnant for information to "what was a safe consumption level."  And now, I have been pop-free for 4 days.

I gave it up cold-turkey only because I have a clean-plate mentality; if it's in my fridge or on my table I will drink it.  No self-control---I must have missed that gene (along with a few others).

I was drinking 2-3 8 oz glasses/day.  For kicks I googled reasons why pop is atrocious for the human body, but came to the resolve that really....it's not good for me....it costs me money....it will cost me more money over the long-run if I continue drinking it....and ultimately it's not worth telling my kids why they can't have any and I can. 

But, here's the kicker.  I've tried to give up pop before.  I know it's not good for me, but it kept finding it's way back into my life because I'd be at a restaurant and want my pop.  McDonalds maybe horrible for you, but they are masters at marketing.  Ever since they placed a drink, a fry, and a sandwhich together [with a discount], the world has never been the same.  So this time (although I suffered from caffeine headaches still), my change to a pop-free existence has been relatively temptation free. 

So, yippee for eating-in.