Project Eat-In

     Yes, I'm going to eat in for a year (i.e. no take-out and no sit-down restaurants)

     Using all of the creativity in my brain, all of the fun recipes I can get my hands on (including restaurant copycats, other internet goodies, recipes from traditional cookbooks and also from device manuals), and all of the great gidgets, gadgets, cookery and bakeware I've acquired.
     Also, I don't want to be in the kitchen all day.  I have a life.  I quite like my life.  On average, I want meal prep to be less than 30 mins [I figure that is equal to the time driven to and from said restaurant].
     I also want to keep meal costs to a minimum [I like my quest, however I don't want to have to sell the family cow in order to complete it].

     Expanding waist-lines and shrinking wallets.  I want to enjoy more quality time with my family     at home instead of in the car.  I also want to determine what things/books/recipes are actually worthwhile to keep.

      My Kitchen...and dining room....and wherever picnics occur

When ...not?
     I have to make an exemption for when there are family (dis)functions...and when we have a giftcard. But, I will make my best effort not to eat-out.

Days we've eaten out in 2011:
January 26, 2011---to McDonalds.  Not my first choice, but it was on a gift card.