Jan 28, 2011---Ugly Cake

So, we celebrated chocolate cake day yesterday.  But in the ugliest of fashions.  Let's just say that this cake reflected my sentiments toward yesterday---it was unpleasant to look at no matter what angle you choose.

Here are some tips if you want to have an ugly cake experience too: 
  • have a crappy day, make sure you struggle to keep ankle-biters away from the hot oven while separating constant bickering from your older two children
  • be hungry and cranky too
  • don't properly grease your pans (or allow your 6 yr old to grease them)
  • pull your cake out of the pan when it's too warm
  • be sure to laugh maniacally if you start icing your cake and it falls apart
  • continue laughing maniacally to prevent crying, but continue icing until either you need alcohol or a trip to the head shrinker
  • get neither but indulge in super-chocolatey ugly cake
ahhhhh....can I say I'm glad chocolate cake day is over? 


1 comment:

  1. eh. i'll wager a guess that your ugly cake was pretty delish. just another day in the life, right? :)