Jan 28, 2011---"Swap Following" Linky Party ...and how to make new friends but keep the old

So I follow a gal (Nicole)...who is following a gal (Homemaker on a Dime)....who had this quirky idea of creating a "Swap Following" Linky Party...and it's a share and share-alike kinda deal.  Kinda like those jean swap parties or housesitting ventures (you know who you are...but you are required to let my dog out when we go on our 17 vacations this year).  Anyway, kinda different, just for fun...and I always wanted to be stalked (in the best kind of way).
Doing it...Brownie style.


  1. Hello...found you through the link party and am following...

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Quirky you said? That's an understatement. I just conceived it a week ago and I tell you, it felt like a crazy idea then. Thanks for following me. I'm a follower now. See you Monday then and join our gang :)