Gadgets and Cookery

I have various things collected, be it through curiosity, purchase or other means of acquisition that I want to use in my quest.  Why you ask?  Because a) I like to use makes cooking/baking more of an endeavor and b) I want to see what I actually use/will use in the future to organize my kitchen.  If I don't use it this year, it's out!  You may also wonder why one would have so many gadgets....well it's because it's my candy:)  It makes me giddy to play with new gidgets and gadgets---I know, I'm twisted.

For now, these are my gidget/gadget/cookery goals.  As I find more things in my cabinets, I will post:)

George Foreman Grill---(A device that flooded the market in the 90s, I still use this machine for paninis.  I want to diversify my usage, but need to acquire more recipes (or ideas).)
Stand Mixer (Mine is a Kitchen Aid---almost indestructible)
Hand Mixer--(A cheap one I'm trying to beat into the ground before I get a new one)
Breadmaker--(one a good friend gave me---very awesome but very dangerous!!!  Just ask my waistline!!!)
Blender--(Our 17th one...or close to it.  No matter if we buy a good one or get the cheapy on special from the local discount store, we have yet to find one that will last more than two years.)
Ice Cream Machine---(Kind of neat, need to find the right recipe!)
Food Sealer---(New to my arsenal, I want to use this to cook instead of just storing)
Crock Pot---(I would love to use this more---it makes my evenings so much more peaceful! )
Food Dehydrator---(I haven't used this in years, however I think it has great potential.)
Juicer---(This one is a neat beast.  I need to find more recipes to utilize the pulp.)
Espresso Machine---(Very rarely used by me...because I'm not a coffee drinker)
Coffee Maker---(ditto)
Griddle---(I need to become more creative as I've only made breakfast-fare upon it's top)
Rotisserie---(Chicken, pork, meat, veggies you are about to be consumed in the most delicious fashion.  I haven't ever tried lamb, however I think gyro meat would be uber-tasty.)

Bundt cake pan
angel food cake pan
rose bud cupcake pan
donut cake pan
tart pan
cupcake pan
mini loaf pan
loaf pans


  1. I am just glad I am not the only gadget junkie. Do you think there is a 12 step program? Do you use the smaller george forman grill as the panini maker? Oooh I bet Williams Sonoma (The Vegas of gadgets) would have recipes for panini's since they sell the makers.

  2. Yup, I use the grill as a panini maker/grilled cheese maker:) It's actually held up pretty good considering it is one of my dh's bachelor pad devices.