Jan 13, 2011---Days all off, but what's new?

So yesterday officially was curried chicken day, so how did our little eating-in household celebrate? With deep dish pizza, of course!  Apparently I got my days confused, and made the MOST AWESOME deep dish pizza (most awesome mostly because 1) it was my first attempt EVER and 2) it was more than edible;)

I used an iron skillet (which we rarely use---mostly for camping and things on the grill).   It wasn't the lightest meal, so I paired it with some spinach salad and some peaches.

         The End Product......

I will say that I probably won't make this on a school night again, as it was time intensive when my children were being....intense.  It was literally a miracle that dinner was done at 6, and on any other night of the last year I would have just said "whatever" and gotten take-out. But, I'm holding strong! 

I used this recipe (http://www.food.com/recipe/pizzeria-uno-chicago-deep-dish-pizza-205279) except I altered it slightly (due to what I had and recipe recommendations from the feedback).  I used only 3 1/2 cup flour (and I used bread flour), and I didn't use basil, but canned tomatoes with basil already in it, and 
1 1/2 tsp Italian seasoning (mine was salt-free). 

Tonight we're having crock pot curried chicken, as to help with the time in the kitchen at inopportune times.

On a side note, today is Peach Melba Day, so those of you participating, oh Happy Day to you!  

A well-fed Wondermom