March 3, 2011---Still here....eating in....with cheer?!?!??!

I'm a poet.  In case you didn't know it.

So, we're still eating in.  The past couple of weeks would have been part of the perfect storm enabling me to go on a fast-food diet, however....we stayed true to course.  I did choose some lazy meals (i.e. frozen pizza) to help me cope with less hours of being able to don my frilly apron. 

But, perhaps I'll be able to start writing of my adventures again regularly (as I do enjoy it---a la Doogie Howser-style). 

Tonight's fare was a delectably seared pork loin with red potatoes and "other" vegetables.   Oh, and lemon pudding.  Delicious lemon pudding.

'Til we meet again....