Jan 27, 2011---Chocolate Cake Day (and other trips off of the wagon)

Today is chocolate cake day, and it's still up in the air if I will make some:)  Maybe I'll pass some down to one of the [MANY] pregos I know who might need a little chocolate in their life.

And in other news, we used our first gift card.  Let it be marked forever and indelibly in the annals of history---January 26, 2011, our little family ate out for the first time in over three weeks.  Actually, we ate in.  Jeff got take-out with one of our three cards (so tally it...we're down to two...two cards hahahaha).  What did we get?  The all-American fast food---McDonalds.  I had a southern chicken sandwich (with lettuce and tomato) and some EXTREMELY salty fries.  I'm thinking my tastebuds are in the process of regressing back to a time when we didn't have salted EVERYTHING. We broke down mostly because I think we were both suffering from headaches and "I don't wannas."  That's fine.

Tonight is a black bean soup recipe that a gal-pal passed along.  It has bacon, and as we all know, you can't go wrong with bacon, butter or chocolate.

Life is good and we're back on the wagon.