The Menu

Feb 12-meatloaf, mashed potatoes
Feb 11-enchiladas (or quesadillas if you are under 10 years old)  peas
Feb 10-hummus, pita, chicken gyros, and green beans with walnuts and feta
Feb 9, crock pot chicken, spaghetti with sauce and green beans
Jan 27-Feb 9 Ate distracted by snow and kids
Jan 27-(National Chocolate Cake Day) Oven-roasted chicken (rubbed with assorted spices), asparagus, peas, potatoes...and chocolate cake!
Jan 26-Ate out!!!! 1/3 gift cards gone
Jan 25-Pancakes
Jan 24-( National Peanut Butter Day) Quiche,
Jan 23-(National Rhubarb Day)  Rotisserie Pork, broccoli
Jan 22-(National Blonde Brownie Day) Rotisserie Pork, potatoes au gratin
Jan 21-(New England Clam Chowder Day)  (Yeah I'm ignoring that one too) Chicken on the bone, sweet potatoes, and peas
Jan 20-(National Cheese Lover's Day) Barbecue Brisket (or Brisquet), twice baked potatoes
Jan 19-(National Popcorn Day) Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie
Jan 18-(Peking Duck Day) Panko coated chicky
Jan 17-(Hot Buttered Rum Day) Zesty Shrimp and Pasta
Jan 16-(Fig Newton Day) Spinach pie, waffles with homemade blueberry compote and cream
Jan 15-(Strawberry Ice Cream Day) Rotisserie Chicken, greek potatoes and beans, spinach with red peppers
Jan 14-(National Hot Pastrami Day) Reubenesque Sandwiches (in all their beauty), sweet potatoes, some other sort of veggiebabble
Jan 13-(National Peach Melba Day) Deep Dish Pizza
Jan 12-(Curried Chicken Day) Crock Pot Curried Chicken
Jan 11-(Milk Day) Milk Soaked Shrimp
Jan 10-(Bittersweet Chocolate Day) Orange Roast Pork, Lo mein, and Apricot's Special Cousin, Peaches
Jan 9-(National Apricot Day) Leftovers
Jan 8-(English Toffee Day) Jalapeno cream chese sauce on chicken, black beans, and Heath pie:) 
Jan 7-(Tempura Day) Not tempura, but rather beef, Greek potatoes, carrots and broccoli 
Jan 6-(Bean Day) Black bean burgers, corn,
Jan 5--Homemade Pizza, california mix
Jan 4-Enchiladas (or quesadillas), black bean dip with home-made tortilla chips, broccoli
Jan 3-Pork Roast with root vegetables (crock pot version)
Jan 2-Chicken Parmigiana on a bed of spaghetti, broccoli, peas and carrots
Jan 1-Butterfly Shrimp, cauliflower with cheese, corn, pears