Feb 17, 2011---Slow..slow....quick quick

No, it's not another dance step: it's my combo method for dinner tonight.  I had a feeling dinner needed to happen quickly upon demand, so when crunch time came I spent a whopping 15 mins on dinner.  I figure that was drive time to/from a fast-food restaurant...so at least I'm coming out even.  If I figure out dinner cost (which was ridiculously low tonight---thanks to super-on-sale chicken) then I totally stomped my goal for eating in.

So, I crock-potted some chicken.  When dinner-prep came, I started my brown rice to boil, then shredded chicken, chopped up some mushrooms, threw the mushrooms in with some frozen broccoli and threw that mixture in the your-crowave.  By that time my rice was done, then I threw everything together in a pot with some all-binding cream of chicken soup.  Voila.  Dinner was done.  Oh, and I opened some mandarin oranges for good measure.

Quick.  Easy.  Kids fed.  Kids happy.  Success.

If you feel inclined to do the 15 minute dinner dance, please be sure to insert the red rose you got from Valentines Day in your mouth. 

And for the time I saved on making dinner?  I went grocery shopping [it is Thursday after all].  I kind of love these kind of trips---in and out and "saved" 50%. 

And as for me and my fam...we're still eating in.