Jan 4, 2011 continued---Pizza night

I'm going to make pizza tonight.  Now pizza for me and the fam has generally included take-out Pizza Hut (super-buttery pan crust....definitely on the "not that" list), take 'n' bake from Papa Murphy's, or my favorite (though a little farther down the road) a pizza from Papa John's.  Any flavor.

Tonight will be a thin crust pizza with a 10 minute pizza dough recipe (for those fearful of making your own...or using yeast),

And I will find my pizza pan (that I think is kind of awesome).  It's kind of like this one, but mine is black....and 10 years old.  I find that the air holes make for a crispier crust without having to burn the tar out of it.  I might also try a stone that I picked up somewhere...it's kind of like this one, but I definitely know I paid more then that....unfortunately, but such is life.

Maybe this will make my family think they are in a pizzeria? Well, here's hoping.


For those interested: 

10 Minute Pizza Dough Recipe


  1. My wife and I used to get a pizza every night from Little Ceasars just down the street from our house. We quickly became sick of the fat and grease and resorted to making our own. As we are (well more to the point, I am) afraid of yeast and making our own crust, we found premade crusts in the "ethnic food" aisle of our local grocer, combine that with some premade pizza sauce, store-bought pepperoni and a block of mozzarella and we had a cheaper slightly healthier alternative. I find the beauty of this "recipe" is room for improvisation, we could add pineapple, mushrooms, peppers, or whatever else we had lying around.

    I like the posts, keep them up.

  2. @ Jason---Little skeeeeeeeeeezers:) I will have to share my easy-recipe for dough. It costs like nothing to make and it's pretty much no-fail (which is why yeast scares me no more...at least in pizza dough):) Thanks for the comment!

  3. @Jason invest in a bread machine. Look at garage sales, in the newspaper or maybe next year if your family exchanges names for an adult gift drawing you should put it on your wish list. They are wonderful. You put the ingredients in and push a button and voilla you have bread dough, pizza dough, dinner roll dough and best of all my favorite sweet roll dough! It's awesome!