Feb 8, 2011---Delta Delta Delta can I help help help ya?

Still on track with eating in, even though I'm not on track to track it.  Briefly, it's because of cruddy snow days filled with lotsa kids and not a lotta me-computer time. 

On other notes, our house was deliciously Greek tonight.  Tempted by ads of a new restaurant in town, and fond memories of my youth, I wanted Greek fare.  So, I totally took the bull by the horns and made some great happy-belly making food:

Homemade pita bread (yes, you can think I'm an over-achiever now...until you realize I'm a slacker and used my bread machine)
homemade hummus (easy peasy beany squeazy)
fillins for the gyros
sauteed green beans with feta and walnuts
homemade tzatziki sauce

Did it take forever?  Not so much.  Everything was 3 ingredients or less (except the pita bread, but I just dumped it in the machine and took a nap)  Was it delicious?  Ohhhhhh yeah!!!!  This probably was one of my faves so far.  Was it cheap?  Cheaper than if I would have gone out, definitely!   The only thing I missed was kafteri (methinks that's how you spell it)...but I was quite pleased nonetheless!



  1. Do you have the recipe for pita bread?
    Also I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award.

  2. I used the bread-maker recipe....except lousy me didn't have any whole wheat flour which ultimately affected the texture and taste. However, they were delicious and good with honey:)

    And....I like awards...I'll have to check out what I won:) Is it a monetary prize? I like those too!!

  3. monetary prize? *lol* I suppose I could send you monopoly money just don't try to use it anywhere except a game of monopoly