Feb 2, 2011--Groundhog Day and other farces

Whatever.  Phil can suck dirt.  Has he noticed that blizzard thing?  And no, it's not a recent bit o' take-out from the DQ, but rather an impressive bit o' snow that has rendered our school bags useless.

We're still eating in.  In fact, I've been trying to keep the cool in my house by adding a little variety from the kitchen.  I've dehydrated apples, made ice cream, blueberry compote, waffles, deep dish pizza, whipping cream (ok, that one was easy peasy), made homemade brownies, and tomorrow is chili.  My dh made "happy meals" last night while I was shoveling.  Mostly, it made me happy that I didn't have to cook.

Now, school has been called off until next week. 

And....I might increase my weight by 10% or so by next week  (especially if I keep sampling my delicious delights of the kitchen).  Luckily, shoveling burns how many calories?

As tomorrow is chili day, I need to find my corn bread recipe.  Alas, mine is special:)  Insert cheese, cottage cheese, and spinach!  I don't remember where we acquired this recipe, but it's quirky and tasty.  If I find it, I'll post!

Happy (yet another) Day off from reality!


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