Jan 8---Project eat-in. How do you stay in?

Marketing experts may know our drivers of why we eat out.  My experience dictates we eat out because of boredom, laziness, a mentality that eating out is cheaper than making the food at home, variety, and for social purposes.  We eat out for convenience.  We get take out for convenience. But is it really more convenient? 

When did making meals become a chore instead of an enjoyable activity?  When we order our food from a billboard, do we not take something away from the sacredness of breaking bread with our families?  And really, does it take longer to prepare a meal than to acquire take-out or drive to a restaurant?  Honestly?  I have quick recipes and a crock pot and I have no excuses left.  I can do this! 

How do you stay in?  And how do you find the drive to overcome all of the internal and external temptations? 



  1. Meals became a chore when I got divorced and my kids started growing up. I'm no longer home during the day and don't have a second parent in the home to ask to do the dishes. Not that he would have done them or even WANTED TO DO THEM(Please watch the movie THE BREAKUP if you dont' find the humor in this statement).

    The few hours I am at hone in the evening I'd rather be relaxing and enjoying my chidlren as opposed to cooking and cleaning in my kitchen. Afterall, all that cooking does create quite the mess. I really can't quite justify two to three hours in the kitchen some nights when we have sports. I have three children involved in sports. And that takes up four nights a week. Throw Church in on Sunday and Wednesday and that leaves me one night a week with nothing to do. But then again, that's Saturday. And who wants to eat in on a Saturday?

  2. Do you have any quick ideas or crock pot recipes---where you can set it and forget it (oh Ron Popeil, how I love thee....) I don't really want to spend hours in the kitchen either (and I can't...too much other schtuff to do in this life!)