Jan 8---Happy English Toffee Day (and the adventure known as life

To celebrate English Toffee Day we made Heath Pie (apparantly like they serve at Perkins).  I googled and found the recipe here, but the verdict is still out.  I am wanting something well-set, almost custardy, and am afraid of glop come dinner time.  I did have fun however divulging the deliciousness to my fam; oh, how I love Heath bars!!

I'm also going to entertain the idea of a jalapeno cream cheese sauce for mexi-night!  I've eaten at a chainy (but local chain methinks) restaurant that has a jalapeno cream cheese sauce...and I think they put it in a broiler (or salamander I think they are called), because it comes out delicious and ooey and gooey with a slight brown on the cheese.  Perfection!  I'm also not really one for spicy foods (which might be a problem come hot and spicy food day), but this is tinged with a jalapeno flavor.

Wish me luck!  I'm just trying to keep things new and interesting---I have a while to go (357 days, 11:30:22...not that I'm counting)



  1. You really need to post pictures with each creation. I have such little imagination I need to see the pie and the munching along the way...

  2. I will try to do that from now on! This recipe needed tweaking as it came out how I feared---more goopy than solid set. Tasty though:)

  3. Slimy yet satisfying :)
    Yes pictures would be lovely or just make me hungry. Enjoying your blogging and not logging everyday.

  4. Slimy yet satisfying....that reminds me of something strangely familiar;) I did love adding Heath bars to the grocery list though!