Jan 23, 2011--- Potatoes Au Gratin

Pork day #1 (last night) turned out pretty good.  I used the rotisserie and one of my Christmas presents (a mandolin).  I don't know why I've always wanted one of these, but....I have.  Just like I'm not-so-secretly in love with infomercials. 

Anyway, I made potatoes au gratin with said mandolin.  And....ta da:

Beautiful potato...chips!

Of course, you could always use a knife...or force your husband to use a knife, but this was a fun adventure in gadget-land for me;)

I used this recipe but I'm not completely sold on it.  Of course I didn't follow the directions to a T, so maybe I'll try it again and use a deeper pyrex container.



  1. Ooh the Mandolin did it come with any sheet music, hee hee. I used my new mandolin that I also got for christmas recently too. I have a yummy recipe for Potatoes Au Gratin. http://www.recipelink.com/mf/14/17972

    that is the website for Ruth Chris Potatoes au gratin, I have made them before and they are very yummy of course I don't suggest eating these very often as you will see from the recipe. But considering the money you will save on not going to ruths chris to eat these yummy potatoes it is well worth it.

  2. Yeah, I looked at recipes with heavy cream....but then I thought how much heavier we'd be:) That does sound rich and dreamy though.

  3. I once had a Tater Twister. It did the same thing. Only a funnier name. LOL