Jan 23, 2011--- Measure Your Feet Day (so you know whose not to step upon) and Rotisserie Pork

I messed up.

We are having pork again today.   Not so ingenuous, however it is mostly because I messed up when freezing my pork 4 weeks ago.  It is no secret that I love a good deal, but sometimes even I make mistakes.  I bought a humongo pork loin for .99/lb and divvied it up to several pork roasts.  Smarty me put two roasts in one freezer bag...and they froze together.  My time would have been better spent banging my head against the wall.

So tip #1 for the day?  Freeze things appropriately

Problema #2?  Making things twice in a row makes my husband cranky.  He can only stand leftovers so many times and he can only stand the same kind of protein so many days in a row.  He gets burned out (understandably) like we all do (think Turkey day....and 24 days following when you make a 70 lb turkey).

So for day #1 (last night) I made Rotisserie Pork in the rotisserie (but you could use an oven).  I painted on a bit o' olive oil (so my spices would stick a little better) and cheated for the spice part (used Cavender's Greek seasoning [salt-free]).  Can I tell you that it makes a mama happy to see her babies eat the food she has labored on?  (Ok, even though the labor was all of 4 minutes). 

So for day #2 of pork pork (thank you Swedish Chef) I want to use the rotisserie again (as it's still on my counter) but I think I want to make this version and ramp it up with more garlic.  I suppose I could chop the beast up and make pork chops, but I think this will be less effort.

That being said, time to go start!

Happy eating!


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