Jan 15 on Jan 16, 2011---Rotisserie Chicken (and if it's smokin' it's cookin', if it's burnin' it's done!)

I made a list of restaurant foods I miss, and want to recreate, and put Boston Market haphazardly in the middle.  Unfortunately/fortunately for me, our closest market is quite a bit of a jaunt down the road (like 25 mins), so I really had to want it to acquire it.  But now, the jaunt is a few hundred days away. 

We've had a rotisserie for years, a beast of a machine that was definitely required a few lessons in order to operate it, especially operate it without filling our house with smoke-alarm-induced squeals.  I don't even know if they make Oster rotisseries anymore, but this one is pretty similar (except ours is about 9 years older, not a Black and Decker and not digital, but besides that it's exactly the same---HA!). 

I used a rosemary/sea salt rub on the skin (added great flavor to the birdy), but there are more recipes to be tried!

  • Line the bottom tray with foil---it's a nasty mess that can just be tossed.
  • Be sure to tie down your birdy's phelanges appropriately.  If he flops around his little bits can scorch on the heating coils.
 How do you make roast chicken?  How do you ensure delicious, moist poultry on your dinner table? 



  1. Hi Wondermom! Chicken was awesome! Not only do I support you in your eating in challenge I was able to save myself from eating out as while passing through the city I was able to stop in for a nice gourmet meal! Thanks so much! You are an awesome cook and making healthy choices for your family! I look forward to tortalini next time I pass through...I would like that with a sundried basil tomato sauce...<3

  2. No problema! I will keep that in mind!