Jan 14, 2011---Hot Pastrami Day (and making friends everywhere you go)

So, today is hot pastrami day.  I'm not sure who supports the meat industry better than my family, so I took it upon myself to inform my local deli counter worker of this all-important holiday.  It's nice to know that I have a guaranteed audience every time I visit my grocery store, as they are all about service, so we had a nice long chat about pastrami versus corned beef and subsequently a conversation about collusion and the egg-market.  I was really interested in if I am going to see a reduction in my egg bill any time soon, or if my grocery store is going to just pocket the money.  Needless to say, if you're feeling lonely, or want to discuss local news, visit your deli counter.

On the notion of meat, I was presented with an opportunity today to help a blogger---I haven't met, nor do I know anything more than the following.

1)  She's entered some sort of a contest with hillshire farms
2)   She's going to do something good-will-oriented with her winnings
3)   I get a coupon for voting for her? $2 bucks worth to be exact.

So in the time that it's taken you to read this, go visit here, then follow the link, vote for her and get coupons.  Every processed-meat lovin' person is happy.


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