Jan 10--National Bittersweet Chocolate Day (and other gifts from God)

So, today is bittersweet chocolate day.  In honor of one of God's greatest gifts, I'd like to submit a haiku, for your pleasure.

love my lovely heart
dark chocolaty blissful treat
fill my saddened soul

Beautiful in every which way, just like deep, dark, rich chocolate.  Chocolate truly is a matter of taste.  In this life of ours, there are :the few, and the disturbed, who do not like chocolate, the unfortunate souls who are allergic to chocolate,  those who are distinctly dark chocolate lovers and then there are milk chocolate aficionados.  Like a part of our personality, it is a marker that sticks with us like a tattoo.

If you haven't figured out which chocolate you are, just know that dark chocolate has awesome health benefits (Google flavinoids).

I made this goody for a baby-shower.  It's actually Rice Krispie treats (the bottom layer is peanut-butter, the top is white-chocolate (the fake chocolate) and raspberry).  The bottom layer is covered with a dark-chocolate ganache and the top layer is toped with white and dark chocolate swirls.

So today, whether you curl up with the movie Chocolat, or open a a big old box of Godiva Chocolates, just know that it is a delicious treat...to be shared!

So, which chocolate team do you root for? 



  1. my favorite flavor? chocolat - starring johnny depp! ;)

  2. One of God's greatest gifts indeed! Where's my chocolate? lol

  3. I'm for team all chocolate all the time as long as it is in my mouth and heading to my belly. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory anyone? Original version of course.