Jan 5, 2011---Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

So tonight, dinner duty was on the kids (I might have helped a little bit).  We made pizza on the stone and the dilapidated pizza pan the stone won, hands down.  The dough was just the slightest bit chewy on the inside but crunchy on the outside---perfection (at least in my humble eyes).  And because we made two pizzas there are plenty of leftovers...which makes this mama very happy. 

I did get to use two gidgey gadgets beyond the stone (which was used for the first time in 7 years---no joke).  I used my stand mixer (which I probably use more than I should [insert comment about baked goods and waistlines here]) and my Pastry scraper.  I use the scraper mostly to get the gunk off the counter when I have to knead doughs or scrape off the mystery goo from cooking (I know...you're really excited to come eat in my kitchen now!). 

Day 5, complete (although not without temptation from Arby's Text-ra (free sandwhich....no purchase required) or from Ihop's advertisement of all-you-can-eat pancakes for 4.99).


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  1. We should have seen pictures!!! And just to let you know we have pizza at least once a week. But next week we are making our own pizza. I bought all the toppings yesterday at the store! I'm so stoked!