Jan 11, 2011---Breakfast Smoothie

So, what do you do when you find berries on sale? Or do you ever venture out to a patch and come back with oodles of berries? Or do you grow your own?  I don't grow my own berries, but a few times of a year I find myself with a plethora of berries so I freeze them.  I started out by just freezing blueberries.  I had grandiose ideas every June to pick blueberries with my darling children and didn't know what to do with the extras after making everything blueberry, so I just froze them.  No cookie sheet and no additional muss or fuss, I just threw them in the freezer (ok, they were still in a bag not loosey goosey traipsing around the freezer).  Then I started freezing other berries and bananas (with the skin).  And now, in the dead of winter, I can have smoothies with berries!  My kids lap them up for the sweet (but healthy) treats they are!

Here's my Oh-So-Simple Smoothie Recipe. It takes 5 mins (or less) and uses one of my favorite love/hate appliances, the blender (the one in the pic is pretty sleek---maybe Santa will bring it to me next Christmas!)

1.  Berries---anything ya got
2.  Bananas
3. 1 container yogurt
4. Water

Prepare berries (wash 'em if you need to) and prepare banana (u n p e a l).  Put berries in blender. Add water.  Put on ice pulse function to chop 'em up a little.  When smooth enough to blend and not kill your blender motor, add banana and yogurt.  Insto presto breakfast o.

Add whole grain english muffin, toasted with peanut butter and banana slices for a yummy and quick, fast, and wholesome breakfast.

(ok, these have some leftover Cool Whip from the Heath Pie dolloped on top).

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