Feb 10, 2011---Umbrella Day (and long days and short nights)

This week has been rather a blur, however we are still here. 

And still eating in.

Tonight's fare included crockpot Italian chiciken, sauteed bean beans (or green beans fo those of you who don't know how to speak toddler) with mushrooms and garlic, and a bit of psghetti with sauce.

And so it continues.

I did get Fannie Farmer's cookbook from the library the other day.   I have strange desires to try my hand at  puff pastry and madeleines and other bits of deliciousness.  My husband was teasing me when I told him that I perhaps wanted a madeleine pan.  He tried to use my blog against me and reference the moment when I momentarily referenced my collection as carp.

And now I want another cookbook.  She has EVERYTHING in it...from coffee to veal (not that I have a desire to cook veal) and she makes things sound so simple!  Ahhh new fodder .

Oh, and so far everything is laced with butter and bacon!  She's my kind of woman!

To honor my new book, I even bought some good ol' fashioned Brer Rabbit Molasses.  My kids were with me and they were asking what I was buying.  As I had to enunciate, I could only laugh at the joke inside of my head [insert mole-asses joke here].  Of course I didn't share the shady joke with my young impressionable children....I will remove that metaphorical umbrella another day.



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